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We are guided by our motto 'Responsible Energy'.

We approach our production and supply of energy responsibly. We use environmentally friendly fuels and renewable resources. Thanks to modern technology, in connection with our expertise and long-term experience, we come up with innovative solutions. To our customers we provide a safe and convenient supply of energy, with regard for future generations.


We use conventional as well as renewable energy sources

The MVV Energie CZ Group is the biggest energy group in the Czech Republic generating heat from natural gas and geothermal energy.


We introduce cogeneration technology

Cogeneration, or combined heat and power generation, is environmentally friendly and is one of the most important tools for the policy of sustainable development. MVV Energie CZ Group produces electricity using solely cogeneration technology in eleven towns in the Czech Republic.

Cogeneration may save over 20% of the primary fuel when compared to the separate production of electricity and heat. This therefore significantly reduces emissions of pollutants, in particular CO2, at the production stage.

We invest in modernization

MVV Energie CZ Group companies invest tens of millions of crowns into the reconstruction of their facilities each year.

In the last couple of years our focus has been on the enlargement of cogeneration capabilities. Therefore, MVV Energie CZ is improving customer comfort, and as importantly is increasing production efficiency.

We continuously measure emissions

Our instruments for the continuous measurement of particulates, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide are not only used to monitor the amounts of pollutant emissions, but also as an integral part of the economic operation of the facilities. Our facilities are operated by highly qualified and regularly trained employees who make sure that none of the emission limits, as specified in the decree implementing the Air Protection Act, are exceeded.

We recycle

Careful and economically advantageous waste disposal is at a very high level in the MVV Energie CZ Group. After separation the generated waste is disposed of by specialized firms licensed for this purpose. Professional disposal, utilization of certified waste in the construction sector or the recycling thereof is guaranteed.

Waste water treatment also needs to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Prior to its discharge, all waste water is treated to make sure that no permissible limits for watercourses are exceeded.

We implement energy projects

The sensitive utilization of resources and therefore the quality of the environment is also boosted by energy projects.

We were the first in the Czech Republic to launch projects and other energy services using the EPC methodology. Our approach goes as far back as 1993.

Our customers include municipalities, housing associations and private companies. We traditionally undertake projects in hospitals, schools, swimming pools, ice rinks and other municipal buildings and industrial plants.