• We run single as well as sectional sewerage systems (sewage and storm sewers) and a waste water treatment plant, thus enabling the discharge of treated water back into the river Odra.
  • We provide our waste water treatment services to households as well as other customers. Our customers do not have to worry about their own septic tanks or the construction and operation of waste water treatment plants.
  • The drinking water that we supply to our customers is a guaranteed source of drinking water, even during the dry season.
  • Our drinking water is under constant quality surveillance.
  • The drinking water supplied by our companies constitutes the cheapest guaranteed source of water for drinking. Our customers do not need to buy drinking water anywhere else.
Bottled water / water mains comparison
Bottled water / water mains comparison
For more information MVV Energie CZ a.s. recommends visiting http://voda.gov.cz/
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