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ENERGIE Holding a.s.

ENERGIE Holding a.s.

Kutvirtova 339/5, 150 00 Praha 5

Czech Republic
Identification No. 27594301
Tax identification No. CZ27594301

We supply the following services to our customers:

ENERGIE Holding a.s.

Our customers

ENERGIE Holding a.s. supplies thermal energy in particular to households and tertiary sector customers in Litoměřice, Louny and Mimoň.

The company is also a producer of electric power in Mimoň.


Fuel used for generation

In Litoměřice and Mimoň, thermal energy is generated by burning brown coal.

In Louny, the production of thermal energy is ensured by the combustion of natural gas.


ENERGIE Holding a.s.


A significant investment project of the past year in the area of CZT Litoměřice was a complete reconstruction of mechanical fly ash separators installed on the exits of the K2 and K5 boilers, which resulted in an increase in production efficiency.

Another significant investment, with the aim of reducing costs, was the automation of the CZT Louny operation, which was expanded by the company in the financial year 2017–2018 to include the capability of transmitting data on consumption from block boiler units to the CZT Louny call out service.

ENERGIE Holding has also continued with the replacement of heat meters in all three locations to enable remote radio readings, thanks to which it will no longer be necessary to physically access the heated buildings to take meter readings.



ENERGIE Holding supported town festivities in Mimoň as well as the ice hockey team in Litoměřice. The company also participated in the organization of an important sports event, the Para Athletics European Championship, held in Louny for the sixteenth time. For customers from housing cooperatives and apartment owner communities, the company developed a practical guide on how to effectively heat their homes.


Shareholder structure of the company

  • MVV Energie CZ a.s. – 100% 

Bodies of the company

Board of Directors
Libor Štěpán Chairman of the Board of Directors
Libor Hrnčiřík Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors
Dozorčí rada  
Jörg Lüdorf Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Jaroslav Pantůček Member of the Supervisory Board
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