The MVV Energie CZ Group has contractually secured gas supplies for 2023, and will thus increase heat prices by only tens of percent6. 12. 2023Heating plants from the MVV Energie CZ energy group, which provide heat for 70,000 households and hundreds of companies and organizations, are to increase heat prices next year by between 12 and 60%, depending on the fuel used. Prices will increase only in the order of tens of percent, even though resource prices , especially gas, have increased by an order of magnitude more. The price increase for end customers will take effect from 1 January 2023. MVV Energie CZ a.s.
MVV Energie CZ is to implement the largest EPC contract for the municipality6. 12. 2023The city of České Budějovice is investing over 300 million crowns in energy savings in its 10 buildings. In terms of volume, this is the largest so-called Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) contract for municipalities in the Czech Republic to date. For heat consumption, annual consumption savings will reach roughly 35%, for water up to 20%, and electricity consumption will drop by almost 50%. The investment and construction phase, to be completed at the end of 2023, as well as the subsequent guarantee of the achieved savings, will be implemented by the energy group MVV Energie CZ, specifically the energy services division. MVV Energie CZ a.s.
Personnel changes in the MVV Energie CZ group3. 10. 2022The new chairman of the board of directors of TERMO Děčín a.s. as of 1. October 2022 is Jan Sedláček, who since 2020 has been and remains the chairman of the board of Teplárna Liberec a.s. MVV Energie CZ a.s.
Did you know?
The MVV group is developing a decarbonisation program. We are replacing coal in heating plants with alternatives with lower CO2 or CO2 neutral production. We have key knowledge and experience in the field of gas heating plants, renewable energy sources and waste to energy.

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